Complaint Procedure | Bloomfield Raiders Youth Football and Cheer League

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If any parent or participant has a concern or complaint, the following procedures must be followed.

1. Talk to your child's TEAM'S HEAD COACH after practice or game.

2.  If you (THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN) is not satisfied with the outcome, contact the HEAD FOOTBALL/CHEER COACH in writing regarding the concern or complaint.

3.  If you (THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN) are still not satisfied with the matter it will be turned over to the OVERSITE COMMITTEE.

4.  The OVER SITE COMMITTEE will contact the parent or guardian, investigate and bring it to the attendion of the Board of Directors.

5.  The Board of Directors will listen to all parties involved and make a decision.

6. The parent/guardian will be notified in writing of the decision.

revised: 9/2/11