How You Can Help! | Bloomfield Raiders Youth Football and Cheer League

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Parent participation is crucial to the overall success of the Bloomfield Raiders Youth Football and Cheerleading Program.  We need the participation of parents in a wide variety of activities ranging from announcing the games, team parents, EMT's, working in concession to filming the games.  In an attempt to provide parents with a sense of what each role entails please read the following list of Volunteer Job Descriptions and sign-up during registration for the position that suits you best.

  1. Team Parent - The team parent is the coaches "right hand" and works closely with the Teams Parent Coordinator to distribute team and individual materials (i.e) picture day material, game time and location flyers and other information as requested by the coach.  The key responsibility is to ensure that parents are kept informed.  The team parent coordinator also coordinates with the team parent volunteers before each game.
  2. Minimum Player Requirement Monitor - 2 per game.  League rules stipulates that each team, based on the total number of players active for a game must play a minimum of (6) plays each.  This minimum number of plays must be completed by the end of the third quarter. If any player or players have not met his or her MPR requirement, that individual or individuals will start the fourth quarter and play until he or she has completed their MPR requirement.  In order to track this participation at all games, 2 parents are required to work with 2 parents from the opposing team.  These 2 sets of MPR Monitors are recorded on preprinted forms the number of plays that each player has appeared in until requirements have been met.  A game will not begin until MPR Monitors are present on the sidelines.  This is an important function and more than 2 people should undertake this responsibility for backup purposes.
  3. Game Day Snack Parent - (Multiple Parent Responsibility that rotates).  This is a revolving game day responsibility for halftime fluid replenishment and to ensure that a snack is provided for each player at the end of each game.
  4. Chain Crew (home games only) - This group of parents will be assigned to work at home games only.  Two people will be required to move the chains that indicate first down yardage requirements and one person will be needed to move the down marker.  The down marker indicates downs and is placed along the chain so that it approximates the line of scrimmage.
  5. Game Announcers - Two game announcers are needed in the press box for each home game.  The two duties will be: an announcer who provides commentary over the loudspeaker system; and one person who will operate the official scoreboard clock and also act as a spotter for the game announcer.  NO KIDS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS AREA.
  6. Concession Stand Workers - Concession Stand volunteers will sell food items to patrons at home games.   Grill cooks are also needed to cook hamburgers and hotdogs as needed.  All volunteers will work under the direction of the Concession Stand Manager.  Must be 16 years of age or older to volunteer in this position.
  7. EMT'S -The Bloomfield Raiders is required to have an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) at every home game.  No game will start without and EMT on site and on the field.  Duties will include checking injured players, using basic first aid supplies and call 911 for advance medical assistant for transportation to the hospital if needed.  Time commitment would range from 1 to 4 games.  Please check with the Head Football Coach for more information.

Top 5 Sports Snacks for Kids

Bananas: Bananas are a great post-game treat and work well for sports of all seasons. Cut them in half for players and pair with a carbohydrate such as a granola bar or graham cracker.
Peanut Butter: Kids love peanut butter, and as long as there are no food allergies on your team (be sure to double check with coaches and parents) peanut butter is a great source of protein. Spread on top of whole grain muffins or use it as a dip for celery sticks.
String Cheese: Even kids that aren't necessarily fond of cheese love string cheese—let’s face it, it’s a fun food! Pair string cheese with a fruit such as apples or grapes and you have a healthy way to end the game.
Tortillas: You can wrap anything inside a tortilla and kids will think it’s really fun. Fruit and cream cheese, lunch meat and cheddar cheese…whatever your healthy food combination, roll inside a tortilla and cut into smaller pieces for tiny hands to handle.
Yogurt:  Along with the calcium benefits, dropping in a mix of berries and granola improves the taste and nutritional value big time! Homemade yogurt pops are a huge hit for all ages. They feel like a treat but deliver some very important nutrition benefits.