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About Bloomfield Raiders Football

Our Mission

The purpose of the Program is to provide to the youth of our community the opportunity to learn to play the game of football while developing in them the principles of good character including: responsibility, sportsmanship, fair play, courage, leadership, respect for rules and regulations, as well as to foster scholastic achievement.  It is the specific intent of the program to develop and promote such qualities by providing supervised competitive football games.

To read more about our program, please download our by-laws (soon to come).

Our Governing Body

The Executive Board is elected every 2 years by the general membership of the Bloomfield Raiders Football Organization.  The Management Committee consists of all members of the Executive Board.

General Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month.  These meetings are open for all members to attend.

Raiders Football is an all volunteer organization.  Every aspect of the program exists due to the willingness of our members to pitch in, and there are many opportunities to participate.  In addition to each family member helping out in concessions, there are other opportunities to participate in areas such as: team parents, chain volunteer, game announcer, videographer, photographer, etc.  If you see a need, just talk to any Board Member and volunteer.

Statement on Financial Accountability

The Raiders Organization are committed to maintaining the highest possible integrity regarding our financial matters.  All members should feel safe in the knowledge that all monies that flow into the Organization are dedicated to enhancing the playing environment for our kids.  We make every effort tomaintain a tight system of checks and balances.  Key points to note regarding our policies are as follows:
  • The Raiders Football program will require 2 signatures on all checks, regardless of the amount, written on our account.
  • Each month financials are reviewed at our Monthly General Meetings, which are open to all members.
  • All checks requires a check request and invoice.
  • All registration fees received are paid in cash and issued a receipt
  • All sponsorship funds are received in check form.
  • Concession Stand cash is counted by Concession Stand Director and an additional Executive Board Member and then verified by the President, Vice-President or Treasurer prior to deposit.
  • Additional Fund Raising proceeds (mainly cash) will also be collected and verified in the same manner before deposit. 
Our goal is to maintain an operating cash balance, we try not to maintain large cash reserves from year to year.  Excess funds (if applicable) are re-invested to benefit the kids through reinvestment in the Organization for projects such as new equipment, etc.

What is a Non-Participation Deposit?

Bloomfield Raiders Football Organization is a Totally Volunteer Organization.  NO ONE is paid a fee for any services with the exception of league referees.  Each of us are simply involved parents, like you, and we need your help to faciliate the enjoyment of the sport for over 300 athletes annually.  While some volunteer beyond the minimum as a Board Member, Coach, etc., it is essential that EVERYONE help in a variety of ways to ensure a great experience for our kids.

Please remember, we are all parents who are here for our children and it is the responsibility of each of us to do our part.

Each family member is responsible to provide the following for each player enrolled.
  • Participate in at least one of the volunteer position listed on the volunteer sheet.
  • Assist with lining the field game markers on game day.
  • Assist with holding the chains on game day for home games.
  • Assist with making sure each players get a minimum of six plays using a game play sheet.   
  • Work in the concession stand  for at least one hour. (minimum once per season per child)